Resources offered by Salt Lake City

Economic Development Revolving Loan Fund (EDLF)

The Salt Lake City Economic Development Loan Fund’s purpose is to stimulate business development and expansion, create employment opportunities, encourage private investment, promote economic development, and enhance neighborhood vitality and commercial enterprise in Salt Lake City by making loans available to businesses.

Façade Grant

Currently, small local businesses that reside in the Fairpark, Jordan Meadows, Poplar Grove, Midtown, Central 9th, Ballpark, and Glendale areas may be eligible for up to $25,000 for façade improvements.

Outdoor Business Activity Guide 

Are you a business with potential to extend your space outdoors? This guide will lead you through the permit process whether on your private property or public right of way.

Building Services Small Business Liaison 

Many businesses are unaware but there is a dedicated person in the Building Services Department of Salt Lake City to assist your business with the building permit process. This person will guide you from start to finish on your building permit to be able to open your business as soon as possible.

  • Mayara Lima 

COVID Business Resources 

We have an entire page dedicated to COVID recovery resources including local, state and federal.

Redevelopment Agency (RDA) Project Areas, Development Opportunities & Financial Programs

Redevelopment Agency (RDA) Project Areas, Development Opportunities & Financial Programs The mission of the Redevelopment Agency of Salt Lake City (RDA) is to revitalize neighborhoods and business districts to improve livability, spark economic growth, and foster authentic communities, serving as a catalyst for strategic development projects that enhance the City’s housing opportunities, commercial vitality, public spaces, and environmental sustainability. Midtown District falls in the State Street Project Area that is expected to be activated in Summer of 2021.

Workforce Development & Education Partners 

Salt Lake City’s eyes are focused on the future with innovative programs and initiatives that support training and education for target industries — information technology and gaming, outdoor products, life sciences, healthcare, finance, logistics, manufacturing, and distribution.

Murals, Public Art, and Cultural Events 

The Salt Lake City’ Arts Council connects artists, businesses, and the public by producing a number of programs in the performing, visual, literary, and folk arts. The public art program offers a Pre-Qualified Artist Pool comprised of professional artists, all Utah residents.

Community Liaison Officers

Grassroots problem-solving within the community. Use this resource for issues related to crime and safety.

  • Detective Eldon Oliver  (385) 549-9262  Districts 1 & 2  
  • Detective Bob Norgaard  (801) 842-3866  Districts 3 & 4
  • Detective Nate Meinzer  (801) 799-3625  Districts 5, 6, 7

Salt Lake City Department of Economic Development

A resource for Salt Lake City’s business owners for help in unresolved service or long term business district trends.

  • Roberta Reichgelt  (801) 535-7694
  • Will Wright  (801) 535-7936

Downtown Alliance

Businesses in the Central Business District, Rio Grande Neighborhood, and North Temple Neighborhood can contact and stay in communication with the Downtown Alliance and the Ambassador Program.

  • Ambassador Program  (801) 541-0434
  • Jessica Thesing  (801) 598-3749  DTA Urban Affairs Director

Homeless Engagement and Response Team (801) 535-7712

SLC’s Homeless Engagement and Response Team (HEART) works to build connections with those experiencing homelessness and ensure they are able to utilize the resources available to them, long term. The response process helps determine the best resources available depending on whether the request is on private or public property.

  • Michelle Hoon  (801) 535-7941
  • Dillon Hase  (801) 535-6402
  • Allison Dupler  (385) 258-6283 
  • Taylor Palmer  (801) 535-6322

Volunteers of America

A resource for social work assistance, a working bridge that provides a path for those who are vulnerable to improve their lives and increase their self-reliance.

Dennis Faris  (801) 699-1381